bathroom heat lamp fan

Make Your Bathroom Warm with Bathroom Heat Lamp

Bathroom heat lamp is not an ordinary bathroom lamp often found attached on the ceiling or the wall. Indeed, basically lamp can produce heat, but the ordinary lamp is focused on lighting the room. Even if it is hot when you touch it, it cannot heat the entire room. On the other hand, heat lamp for bathroom is designed with the opposite function. It can heat the entire room rather […]

rustic corner bathroom vanity

Rustic Bathroom Vanity: What is so good from rusticity?

Rustic bathroom vanity is indeed so simple with its rough appearance. Well, if you are taking appearance so seriously, thinking chic appearance is everything in home design, you might not want this vanity to be your choice. Yes, it looks like unfashionable, but even bathroom vanities with rustic look are quite often used in home design project. Have you seen even one of them? You can find countless of them […]

bathroom sink vanity units

Bathroom Sink Vanity: the Variety of Sink Design

Bathroom sink vanity can range from the most modern to the most traditional one. So far, it is easy to understand the design of the vanity which is designed with its cupboards, shelves, and drawers. How about the sink itself then? Let’s put the vanity aside here and talk more about the sink design instead. Well, actually there are various sink designs made on top of vanity. Let’s see below. […]

leather ottoman round

Making Resting and Placing Things Simple with Leather Ottoman Coffee Table

Leather ottoman coffee table has always become people’s choice in choosing furniture with double functions. Well, actually this coffee table is inspired by ottoman style, but why would call it ottoman if it cannot perform like what ottoman really is? That is why the writer calls this one as double-function furniture, one for resting and one for placing things. Simple, isn’t it? Further about Leather Ottoman Coffee Table Leather ottoman […]

coffee table ottoman

Coffee Table Ottoman with its Various Design Functions

Coffee table ottoman is a type of chairs, but is not exactly a chair either. We can say that it is a seat that has neither back rest nor arm rest. It is true since this is a thing that is meant to rest our feet. Let the writer to put it simply for those who don’t know yet about this furniture. When you are sitting on a chair, you […]

anderson wood floors

Good Choice For Acacia Wood Flooring

Acacia wood flooring is a type of the flooring which the tiles are made from the material of acacia wood. The material acacia are very nice looking and also dynamic looking. You floor need to look dynamic as you have a busy family and also a busy activity. Dynamic looking for your home decoration will freshen up your day. Beside the wooden material of the flooring will create the warmth […]

driftwood cocktail table

Driftwood Coffee Table with its Simplicity

Driftwood coffee table is pretty unusual for furniture in the house. Why not? It is because it has two different materials that are not often used together. Let’ see. Did you know what driftwood table is? Actually, this table is made by two materials as it was said earlier. The first is driftwood which is the wood that is often drifted away by the water in the ocean and found […]